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Preparation programs

Admission pathway for international undergraduate applicants

If you’re unable to meet the minimum academic requirements for undergraduate study, the University of Sydney Preparation Programs could be your ticket to study with us.

Delivered by Study Group Australia Pty Limited trading as Taylors College on behalf of the University of Sydney, these enabling and preparation programs (pdf, 9MB) provide a pathway to university study if you do not have the qualifications or grades to gain direct admission to a course. You will be eligible to apply for our courses after completing one of our two programs:

  • The University of Sydney Foundation Program (USFP)
  • High Achievers Preparation Program (HAPP).


These enabling courses ensure you achieve the strong academic foundation needed to enter the University of Sydney and thrive in your university studies. Advantages include:

Security: An offer of a place at the University if you successfully complete the program and meet the requirements of your chosen course. Some courses have a limited number of places available. Admission to these courses can only be guaranteed while places are still available and where the course is being offered.

Relevance: A program designed by the University which includes subjects that prepare you for your degree, and any other subjects of wider interest to you.

Quality assurance: The University oversees the setting and moderation of all examinations, so you are assured of the highest quality assessment.

Academic and personal support: Taylors College staff will assist you with settling into life in Australia, and support you to achieve your academic goals. Each intake has student advisers who are available to help you with academic or personal issues. There are also careers advisers, welfare counsellors, nurses and first-aid officers onsite to care for your health and wellbeing.


This program is available in intensive, standard or extended formats. This means you can complete your course in as little as 39 weeks or up to 72 weeks, depending on your ability. For more information, including costs and duration, visit the Taylors College website.


The High Achievers Preparation Program is an 18-week course designed for high achieving students who have excellent academic results and English skills. If you just missed out on direct entry to the University, this program will fast track you into the first year of a bachelor's degree at the University within five months. Our dedicated Student Ambassadors mentoring program will familiarise you with the university and keep you on track for success.

The program is available only for certain international qualifications. For more information, including costs and duration, visit the Taylors College website.


You can apply directly via the Taylors College website.

It’s important to remember that some university courses have limited places and may have additional admission criteria. Before you apply, check the admission criteria for your chosen degree.


The University of Sydney Preparation Programs offer support beyond the classroom. Arriving in a foreign country can be overwhelming, which is why an airport pick-up service is available as well as emergency contact numbers. Taylors College Sydney also offer welfare counselling and have an on-campus health centre.

Their student activity program hosts a range of social and cultural outings so you are introduced to Sydney and your classmates.

Staff at Taylors College Sydney do their best to make you feel at home throughout your studies.


  • University of Sydney Foundation Program – Standard Course CRICOS Course Code: 022310D
  • University of Sydney Extended Foundation Program CRICOS Course Code: 048302A
  • University of Sydney Foundation Program – Standard Intensive CRICOS Course Code: 036126M
  • University of Sydney High Achievers Preparation Program CRICOS Course Code: 089556F
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